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Light Beneath Ferns

From Booklist:

Elizah and her mother live on the edge of a cemetery. Most 14-year-olds would be sort of creeped out by that, but she is far more upset by her mother’s sudden need to “be normal.” With the recent departure of her father, Elizah’s main concerns are keeping the school guidance counselor off her back and resisting her mother’s attempts to make her a social butterfly; that is, until she finds a jawbone amid the graves. Thereafter, she is inexplicably drawn to Nathaniel, an odd young man whose interest in her seems tied to her recent discovery. Spollen’s sophomore effort (The Shape of Water, 2008) is a welcome reprieve from the onslaught of torrid vampire romances but still offers the excitement and drama of supernatural fare. The big reveal won’t be much of a surprise to readers up on their ghost lore. However, the atmospheric tension and quiet longing found on every page will satisfy fans of the paranormal romance genre.